restaurant kitchen floor mats

Kitchen Floor Mats To Be Very Useful When Cooking

Kitchen floor is one part of the kitchen that is the easiest to be slippery. This is because a lot of water splashing directly on the kitchen floor. Slippery floor conditions would be very dangerous for anyone who was in the kitchen, they could at any time fall because of a slip. The selection of tiles into one of the most appropriate way to reduce the risk of floor becomes […]

kitchen backsplash ceramic tile

Mind-blowing Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Options

It is good time to explore your options for discovering your beautiful kitchen backsplash tiles. They are made of a variety material such as marble, ceramic tile, stainless steel, glass and slate. You have a wide range of backsplash ideas for your kitchen then. But, you are recommended to be careful selecting one of them because sometimes it does not work with your kitchen style and design. When you get […]

mocha shaker kitchen cabinets

How the Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Started

The shaker kitchen cabinets started in the United States, Europe and then it spread to the North America and also the rest of the world. But the history of the term can be traced back to centuries ago. The term used for the style is actually the shaker styling. This is the term used to define the woodworking styling that has the simplicity, sensitivity and details that can only be […]

custom built kitchen islands

Functional Custom Kitchen Islands Criteria

It has come, custom kitchen islands with functional benefit. Even more, they are one of the most crucial design elements in the place where you are cooking today. You are actually offered a wide range of option in various styles that should be adjusted to your lifestyle, character, personality, and of course your kitchen design. But, strong kitchen island design ideas may improve the function of your kitchen maximally. Adding […]

knotty hickory kitchen cabinets

Painting the Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many types of wood that can be chosen for the kitchen cabinets. This high variety is one of the reason why wood is the most popular and most used material for the kitchen cabinets. The variety offers different prices, different colors, different textures, and different durability. One of the wood varieties is the hickory kitchen cabinets. The hickory kitchen cabinets offer wood types that are not of […]